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Raising a child on the autism spectrum isn't the only thing that defines you!  Get the free Guidebook and learn how you can start to create a balanced, connected, and fulfilling life for yourself, while you raise your child.

It's Time To Live Your

Own Awesome Life

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If You Want to: 

Feel Like Yourself Again

Have Supportive Relationships

Pursue Your Own Dreams

not just an extension of your child's diagnosis 

instead of feeling isolated and lonely

without frustration and overwhelm

Then You are in the Right Place

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An awesome online community

designed to help overwhelmed parents reclaim 

their own personal identity

and live a balanced, connected and fulfilled

life while still caring for their children

An awesome online community

designed to help overwhelmed parents reclaim their own personal identity

and live a balanced, connected and fulfilled life while still caring for their children


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Coach Becka is INCREDIBLE at motivating and inspiring others to stretch toward their highest potential and discovering their inner strengths and gifts. This woman radiates LOVE and it shows in everything she does.

Rhonda Hilburn

San Antonio, TX

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Let's Be Friends!

I am Coach Becka's lovable and if I may say, adorable assistant. 

 I am here to help Coach Becka help you in your journey to your Best Life.  You will see me around the website, and on Social Media. It's my job to bring you a smile and point out important or interesting things.  I love making new friends!

Where I really do my best work is over in The Life is Awesome Community. I really hope you can join me over there for some friends, fun, and fantastic living!

See You around my friend!


I'm Catti Pillar!

I Get It, and I Get You!

As a mom that has two kids on the autism spectrum, I know what it is like to feel like everything in your life revolves around your child and there is no time for you.  I know first hand how overwhelmed, lonely, and frustrated you can get.  I get it. 

I also know that it is possible to have your own life, where you pursue and achieve your own dreams, and care for your child. So I created my Life Is Awesome Membership and Program in order to give you the support and guidance you will need as you take the action steps needed to improve your own life

Hi , I'm Becka

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The Life Is Awesome Formula:

Balanced, Connected, And Fulfilled

Individual One to One Coaching

Coach Becka Drake takes a limited number of individual coaching clients each year. Get one to one guidance, support, feedback and coaching during weekly session.

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On Your Own Courses

Get immediate Access to Individual Pre-Recorded Video Courses!  These on-your-own courses are packed with awesome lessons, action items and guidance from Coach Becka Drake!

Life Is Awesome Community - Membership Program

The Courses, Coaching and Community You need to create your own Awesome Life.  Access Course content, attend live coaching sessions, find others near and far that are on the same journey!
Doors Open July 1, 2022 

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