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I have always loved helping people to improve their lives. 


From my time as a preschool teacher through my work with the mentally ill and criminally insane, and ultimately to my life's calling as a Life Coach, I know that each of us can feel confined and limited by circumstances that are out of our control.  I also know that we can live our own best lives even with  limitations.

I dug out the self-help... and ultimately realized... it was not designed for people like me

When I recognized that I was fighting within myself about how I SHOULD feel and how I WAS feeling, I returned to my roots.  I dug out all the self-help books, I grabbed up all my personal development lessons, I re-watched every available course and content and looked to see how I could apply it to my life as it was now.

I ultimately realized that main-stream self-help and personal development was NOT designed for people like me.  The idea that we all have the same 24 hours no longer resonated with me.  The belief that we could change any circumstance just by changing our thoughts was almost laughable.  But I was determined to find a way to improve my own life.  Something had to change before I resented my life, my self, and my boys!


I developed a system that worked for me, and shared it with some friends

So I decided to rework the self-help, and  the personal development  into a roadmap to improve my own life, starting with reconnecting to my own identity.  I took skills, techniques, and steps that I have learned and taught for most of my life and revamped them into something that would work for me.

I developed a system that worked for me. I quickly saw improvement in all areas of my life.  I shared it with some friends and they too found that it really was working for them as well both those that had children with special needs and even those who didn't.  It really worked!

Taking my personal and professional experiences 

Dream Builder Certification Training - Life Mastery Institute Mary Morrissey

My Life Changed Dramatically 

When my two boys were diagnosed with autism on top of my youngest also having a rare medical condition, I found myself lost, confused, lonely, and struggling.  Every moment of my life was consumed with caring for them.  I had no time to myself.  Even if I did find some time, I had no energy to work on anything.  I fell down the rabbit hole and couldn't find a way out.


I felt guilty for feeling this way because I bought into the belief that sacrificing your own life for your child was the only truly "right" thing to do. I wished I could be that mom that was okay with having my child be the center of my life.


I hated that I felt selfish for wanting more for myself, and I felt really uncomfortable when others celebrated how much I was sacrificing for my boys when inside myself I recognized the seeds of resentment that were growing.

Sharing the Stage with Mary Morrissey - Dream Builder 2018

I know that parents with children on the autism spectrum often feel  (and are even expected) to give up their on their own lives so they can care for their child.  

I also know that it doesn't have to be that way!  

Are you ready to create your own awesome life?

Get your _____________________ now.

My Mission 

I want to live in a  world where raising a child

on the autism spectrum is not the only thing that defines you.

I want to inspire and empower parents and caregivers to radically transform

their life into a balanced, connected and fulfilling life.

I want to change how the world sees parents and caregivers who are raising children on

the autism spectrum. 

You are not just and extension of your child's diagnosis and treatment.

You have dreams, and goals that should be honored too.

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